What:               San Francisco Artists Invited to Paris, France

When:              Opening Reception:      Thursday, October 6, 2005 at 6pm

                        Exhibition Dates:           Friday – Sunday, October 7-9, 3pm to 8pm

Where:             Artists’ studios in the 11th and 12th arrondissements of Paris, France.

Contact:           Annie Arrasmith                                    Catherine Small

Phone:              (415) 864-4545                                   (925) 417-5915

Email:               anniemargaretstudio@yahoo.com          art@catherinesmall.com

Website:           www.USAParisArtExchange.org

Nineteen San Francisco visual artists were selected by Le Génie de la Bastille, a Paris-based arts association, to participate in an exhibition in Paris, France. These artists were chosen from a group of over 1,300 artists who have participated in San Francisco’s Open Studios, an event where artists invite the public into their studios. While in Paris the San Francisco artists will each exhibit their work in the studios of Parisian host artists in the Bastille district.  The American and Parisian artists will be welcomed by officials from the City of Paris and the U.S. Embassy in a private reception on October 5th. “Vernissages” (public openings) take place on October 6th and the exhibitions will run through Sunday, October 9th.


Le Génie de la Bastille began a program of public exhibitions in artist studios in 1984, followed by a series of international cultural exchanges with artists from Europe, Japan, Chile, Korea, and Algeria. In its first collaboration with the U.S., Le Génie de la Bastille has invited 19 artists from San Francisco and 9 artists from Chicago to participate in their 2005 Open Studios event in Paris.  In turn, the American artists will host the Parisian artists in the U.S. in 2006.


Following are the Bay Area artists representing San Francisco in this cultural exchange:

Annie Margaret Arrasmith

Dominique Bayart

Jonah Burlingame

Gregory Clayton

Mitchell Durkee

Diane Rollins Feissel

Cheryl Finfrock

April Hankins

Andrzej Michael Karwacki

Gina Jacupke

Mike Kimball

Michele King

Jamie Krueger

Camilla Newhagen

Silvia Poloto

Ellen Rosenthal

Jeremie Roux

Ari Salomon

Catherine Small


The international exchange with Le Génie de la Bastille was initiated by ArtSpan, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that produces San Francisco’s Open Studios event each October.


The San Francisco artists view this exchange as a valuable endeavor for building new relationships with French artists and the City of Paris. “We are honored to have been invited by Le Génie de la Bastille to represent San Francisco and the U.S. in Paris, a multi-cultural and international city much like our own. We are also looking forward to hosting the Parisian artists in 2006 and providing them with a meaningful San Francisco experience.” Refer to our website for more information about the exchange and for biographical information on participating San Francisco artists.