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ARTICLE: Journal Français

Here is the article published in le Journal Francais. For more, visit their site at and check a l'affiche.

Transatlantic Artistic Cooperation, the series goes on…
By Marine Olivesi, translated by Dominique Bayart

Last month, we presented the exhibit “Anonymous Society”, code name for a prolific cooperation between French and American artists between 1920 and 1950, in order to promote Modern Art. This October, the project directly named “Paris-San Francisco Artist Exchange”, demonstrates in a beautiful manner that the tradition of artistic exchanges between the two Atlantic coasts are still happening.

The story of this collaboration between Parisian and American artists started in October 2005, when the Parisian art association, “Le Genie de la Bastille”, selected (among thousands artists) 19 artists from Chicago and San Francisco. Following their tradition of international cultural exchanges, American artists were paired with French artists and had the opportunity to exhibit their work at the galleries of their hosts.

This year, the San Francisco artists are happy to reciprocate the warm welcome they received from their Parisian hosts, the officials and the French public. They will receive 16 artists during the cultural event of “San Francisco Open Studios”.

Ceramists, painters, sculptors and photographers will offer to the public a large variety of visual arts during a joint exhibition at Cachi Art Studio. The exhibit celebrates the power and fecundity of the artistic creativity binding artists and art lovers regardless of their cultural background or homeland…Moreover when they are Americans and French…

Opening Reception : Friday October 13th , 6PM-10PM

Exhibit dates: October 13th to 15th, Friday & Saturday (11Am-10PM), Sunday (11AM-6PM)

Cachi Art Studio, 312 Valencia Street, San Francisco

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